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First of all, not just is this a truly fantastic phone, however it also supports 2 SIM cards (that's right, it's a Dual-SIM phone ). The SIM networks nevertheless, are basic ones. There are no CDMA ones and no LTE ones. This is a regular phone on the networking department. The 2G networks are GSM 900 and GSM 1800 on both SIM cards and the 3G network is only HSDPA 2100. The Micromax Canvas HD was revealed in January 2013 and it is set to come out next month, in February.

The next thing to see is the S3's quad-core processor. With each core performing at a quick 1.4 GHz, this is a powerhouse that is more than efficient in running requiring apps and producing super-smooth video and graphics. A massive 1GB of RAM backs this up. The device likewise includes up to 64GB of built-in memory, so there's no shortage of storage for apps, music and video.

Thanks to its manufacturer, the Kindle Fire has become the most popular Android tablet ever. It's the most affordable on this list however absolutely not the least. The Kindle Fire HD keeps the $199 price but with features not discovered on the original. The new gadget now supports Dolby Sound and the screen resolution is intensified. Mentioning screen, there is a 8.9″ screen variation which just costs $250.

Huawei struck the record, the cellular phone Ascend P6 is getting high affection by the customer market. It claims to be the thinnest phone introduced. Its density is only 6.18 mm that you can quickly handle to carry in your clutch bag. Although it is really slim whereas includes all the current features with jelly bean 4.2.2. It is an easy to use gadget that gives the facility of Bluetooth, WI-Fi and a number of battery saving profile options.

The Nexus 10 tablet boasts a superior design and efficiency. It has an extremely high resolution Super PLS screen with a very smooth design Sofia Lianna . Nexus 10 tablet also includes a touch-screen that has a fast responsiveness and precision. This is among the expensive premium tablets readily available in the market however its quick efficiency and top quality develop make your cash rewarding.

The manufacturer of this tablet verifies that they are costing least a million systems each month. This is a testimony that the Nexus 7 is actually that enticing to users.

HTC One X Plus uses an awesome mix of high-end software and hardware. Although there aren't many groundbreaking improvements over its predecessor, the phone has a package that delivers a fantastic user experience.