(Last Updated On: September 17, 2023)

Android tablets have really come a long method in the previous one year. Not just did the high-end tablets give Apple a run for their cash, the lower end tablets are doing actually well too. One such tablet to get in the lower-end, 7-inch tablet sector is the Ainol Novo 7 Tornado. The name is a mouthful, however let's see what the specifications resemble. The tablet includes an 800×480 pixel, 7-inch capacitive, LCD touchscreen that supports 5-point multi-touch. The resolution is a bit low, specially when compared to a high-end tablet, however, compared to other lower end models, it fits in perfectly. The tablet runs Android 4.0.3, or much better known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Powering this ICS flavored 7-incher, is a single-core, Cortex A9 CPU clocked at 1GHz and a Mali 400 GPU.

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The next thing to see is the S3's quad-core processor. With each core performing at a speedy 1.4 GHz, this is a powerhouse that is more than capable of running demanding apps and producing super-smooth video and graphics. An enormous 1GB of RAM backs this up. The gadget likewise includes as much as 64GB of built-in memory, so there's no lack of storage for apps, music and video.

Lou Sulola Samuel There are reports that some Kindle Fire systems lag from time to time. This issue might have been triggered by absence of optimization as the software application running on it is customized. Another concern with this tablet is the barrage of ads by its creator.

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I believe it will breathe new life into the Android tablet. It will make the tablet a lot more available to the average individual along with bring a huge quantity of apps to the tablets which formerly have been doing not have. It has actually worked for Apple to I don't see why it will not work for Android, actually looking forward to the release!

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